Bad Pussy – Part 2

By | November 27, 2007

Judith swung her legs out of the taxi, tight, red leather skirt restricting her movements. She stood on the damp curb, adjusting her attire as the car drove off into the rain soaked night. A red painted door beckoned at the top of a flight of stone steps. She knocked twice, and waited. The door was opened by Kimberley. “Hello Kim” said Judith, trembling slightly, both afraid and excited. She paused on the threshold, the next step was a step into the unknown.

“Come in, you’ll catch your death.” Kim almost dragged her through the door.

In the kitchen they chatted over a coffee. Judith admiring the shining hob and newly installed units. It made her own aging excuse for a kitchen look like what it was, a hovel.

“Are you sure you’re OK with this?” Asked Kim. “I mean it’s a lot to ask and I don’t want you to feel obliged to go along with this just because of how long we’ve been friends.”

“I’m always up for a new experience. ” She smiled uncertainly. “And I can’t think of anyone who I’d like to try it with more than you. And Simon.”

Kim reached across the kitchen table and held Judith’s hand. “Thank you”. Judith looked into Kim’s brown eyes and excitement began to overtake her trepidation over what was about to unfold.

They’d been friends all their lives, born in the same street. Same school, same adolescent parties, sometimes the same boyfriends. But not Simon. He’d come from the other end of town. One of the districts were people didn’t find it difficult to meet the rent every week. From the sort of family where Christmas meant pleasant get-togethers, full larders and quality wines, not a bowl of nuts, cheap beer and recriminations.

“Starting without me?” Simon entered the room, drying his hair. Kim withdrew her hand, almost guiltily, making Judith feel slightly uncomfortable for Kim and a little cheated that the intimate moment between them had been interrupted.

Simon kissed Kim on the top of the head, collected his coffee and returned upstairs to change. Kim opened a bottle of wine which they shared while waiting for Simon.

“I never had you down as being so adventurous.” Said Judith.

“It was Simon’s idea. And I’d do anything for him.” Replied Kim, though slightly unconvincingly.

Judith did her best not to look puzzled by the last statement. She’d never doubted that they were a loving couple, that’s why she’d agreed to her friend’s request. But there was an edge to Kim’s voice with an uncomfortable subtext.

Or maybe it was just the wine. Another glass was needed, or two.

By the time Simon returned they were both giggling, doubts forgotten, inhibitions removed. He poured himself a glass of wine, picked up a fresh bottle. “Are you coming upstairs?”, the question was directed at Judith.

Both women stood and followed him, Judith first, then Kim, upstairs to the softly lit bedroom.

“You’re eager!” observed Judith. Simon placed the bottle and glass on the bedside table. “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

“I thought you’d want to relax a little first.” Said Judith.

“I’m quite relaxed enough now.” He grinned at her, bulge in his jeans obvious.

Both women approached him. The three of them slipping their arms around each other in an animated, amorous trefoil. They attempted a three-way kiss which ended in confusion and tongues wriggling across cheeks. Instead they opted for alternating partners, first each woman in turn grappling with Simon, then the Judith and Kim in the final round or an oral tag match.

They pushed him back onto the bed and removed his clothes, leaving his bulging posing pouch until last. It was slid down his legs to release a dribbling hard cock.

Judith and Kim then “lezzed it up” for Simon while he slowly wanked himself on the bed, pre-cum dribbling onto his stomach. They undressed each other and became completely engrossed in the process. Intensely aroused by the feeling of another female’s hands removing their clothes. Simon ceased to matter to Kim who was lost in Judith’s blue-green eyes.

As Kim slid Judith’s leather skirt over her hips and knelt in front of her she felt the urge to bury her face in Judith’s crotch the red satin of her panties and the smell of her arousal called to her. But this was Simon’s night.

Eventually, after much touching and slow disrobing they stood in front of Simon, only stockings and suspenders not cast onto the floor.

The threesome squirmed and writhed on the bed, Judith and Kim sharing his erection. They both played their parts, sucking, licking, stroking Simon. They both enjoyed it, but their hands seemed to linger more on each other, especially as Simons attention turned away from his wife to Judith.

Kim began to feel like a bystander, a voyeur, and that was not what she had intended. Soon she was relegated to stroking Judith’s hair and kissing her as Simon fucked her deeply on their bed. He came with a satisfaction that Kim remembered from their wedding night.

Simon quickly dozed off, leaving Judith toying with Kim’s long brown hair. “Are you OK?” asked Judith, seeing the tears welling in Kim’s eyes. Kim swallowed back a sob and nodded her head less than truthfully. They both slid off the bed and put on a couple of Kim’s towelling robes from the walk-in closet.

In the kitchen they made their way down another bottle of wine without exchanging a word. They held hands across the kitchen table, Judith gently stroking the back of Kim’s hand with her thumb.

Eventually Kim spoke, “Not what you expected?”


“Well it wasn’t what I expected either. I thought it was about three of us.”

“Me too.” Said Kim, desperation in her voice.

“I really enjoyed when we …” started Judith.

“… So did I. I’ve never felt like that about Simon. About any man.”

Judith drew Kim’s hand to her lips and kissed it tenderly. They leant across the table and kissed, a full and loving kiss, no tongues just an exchange of tenderness. Kim’s eyes were drawn to Judith’s breasts, partially revealed as she leant forward. Her hand reach to touch them, but the table meant her hand could not explore.

They both stood, robes opening to reveal two cleavages, two neatly trimmed pudendas. Now they could enjoy the sensation of each other, the touch, the smell, the gentle pressure of flesh on flesh. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, unhurried, fanning their passion for each other slowly, the flame more intense because of it.

Judith slid a hand down to Kim’s crotch and delved between her moist, pouting lips, stroking Kim as she often did herself. She pushed Kim against the units for support, Kim’s legs began to tremble. Gentle wailing moans escaped from Kim’s lips as she began to feel the first orgasm approach.

The golden glowing torrent of bliss melted her. It mingled with the knowledge that Judith shared her desires and expressed them with tenderness and passion. When it took hold the climax shook her every fibre. Judith slipped two fingers inside Kim, feeling her heat. She slid the fingers in and out, becoming drenched in Kim’s passion.

Judith bit her lip with concentration, watching Kim, gauging her responses to the firm fucking her fingers were administering. Judith’s crotch burned with the need for satisfaction, but this was Kim’s time. Her fingers sloshed in Kim’s pussy, hand almost dripping with glistening juices when Kim came again, arms wrapped around Judith for support.

They slept on the sofa that night, in each other’s arms.