Sunshine And Sex

By | November 27, 2007

AlexSuze.comToday was the first day I drove into work before the sun had risen. In the gloomy half light I realised how much I am missing the brighter days that will not be returning until into the new year. I’ll be driving home in the dark too.

The weather does affect my mood, though not as much as some. I love the summer, prefer the autumn and spring. Winter around Christmas is great, probably because of the festive connotations, but also I think because it’s a time where you can get snuggled under the covers and get intimate without fear of interruption.

The dimmer light and glow of a fire can do wonders for you love life, fantastic ambience. However we’re currently at that weird time of year. Autumns finished and its colours have faded. Christmas (and the Christmas break) is just over the horizon. It’s a no mans land where the days are grey and I seem to be waiting for something.

In spring and summer you’re filled with energy (sexual and otherwise) because of the long days and sunshine, around the turn of the year the weather in the UK means we’re more prone to clear days, even though they’re shorter and colder. I can look out over the hills and taste the clean cool air, savour it. It makes the juices flow in every sense of the word.

Ah well, in a couple of weeks it’ll be winding down for Christmas mode and then some festive fun.

So is it just me? Is everyone’s mood affected by this particular part of the year, neither here nor there, not one thing or the other?

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