Fuck Till He Drops

By | February 23, 2010

All of us girls have encountered the post fuck lethargy that overcomes our male partner.  Although I must say that I’ve never had my guy fall asleep on me, well perhaps once or twice when it has been really late.  Lol

But it’s true guys do tend to become post shag soperiphic.  We girls feel chilled and de-stressed, sated and happy after a good session.  It’s a bit of a passion killer to turn around and find your partner is putting out the Zs, especially if you are ready to carry on and perhaps repeat the action.

Well there is no need to feel either disappointed or rejected the next time your man falls asleep post sex because it is perfectly normal.  It’s a physiological reaction to him climaxing.  The brain releases a cocktail of drugs including oxytocin which links to a pleasurable sense of relaxation and prolactin which is responsible for sleep.

You can read more about this phenomenon here.