Strange Thought 2 – Any Old Vibes, Any, Any, Any Old Vibes

By | November 30, 2007

AlexSuze.comAs you can imagine I’m building up…correction we are building up quite a collection of sex toys and adult products. The number locked suitcase under the bed is jam packed full of paraphernalia to the extent that you have to sit on it to close it now, just like a holiday case. Only more fun! 🙂

So tonight we decided as it’s coming up to Christmas and things may get a little busy around the AlexSuze household. With all those gift ideas to cover and our new toy partners we decided to clear out some of the old toys at the bottom of the case. The ones we purchased before the creation of AlexSuze Sex Toy Reviews.

And wow! It was like taking a step back in time. Some of those toys look so crude at the side of the new design and functionality of the latest techno toys. We removed batteries and gathered together a selection of well used, had-their-day toys to throw away.

Now, this created a dilemma. Should we simply bag them up and throw them in to the dustbin for collection by the council refuse collectors? Or is there a way to donate them to the needy? Lol

In the UK, I don’t know if it happens in other countries, some of the refuse is sorted by hand. I can just imagine someone happening across one of my old vibrators and deciding to take it home for his wife or girlfriend as a present. Or even a Christmas gift. Lol

Again, it would be a very green idea but not one I’ll spend much time contemplating on the grounds that I now feel a little queezy. I have on the odd occasion borrowed underwear from a girlfriend but never sex toys.

Important: Sex toy hygiene is extremely important. Toys should be cleaned immediately before and after use. Sharing toys can cause transmission of STIs and that’s the last sort of gift you want to give. So in all seriousness, be careful.

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