Sex On Your Phone …

By | February 23, 2010

… But not if Apple have anything to do with it. Phone sex is nothing new, but adult apps on your phone are still at the early stages of development. The lovely people at Apple have proved once again that they want to make sure that you can’t get adult apps for the iPhone … Unless they say so.

So, what are the rules about adult apps on the app store? If I were being charitable I would say that it would appear that nobody knows and the banning of adult apps is totally arbitrary. If I were being cynical I would see the fact that Playboy can still sell their apps on the app store, whereas smaller players without such expensive lawyers and high profiles will have their apps removed.

Apple need to get their shit together if they are not to be seen as, one of those quoted in this story puts it, “puritans”.

Apple likes to think people view it as Jim Henson productions, colourful, full of joy, popular and family friendly. Maybe that’s why they don’t have an adult section in the app store with proper parental controls, maybe they just think that in the happy make believe world of Apple there are no adult apps and nobody consumes porn on their mobile device? Well you could say that, but if that’s the case and poor naïve Apple have just found out that people do like to look at rude naughtiness on their phones why have they let Playboy carry on purveying its apps?

Whatever your view on this particular news story Apple have cocked up. Those users and producers of apps who want adult have just been thoroughly pissed off and the anti-adult lobby are left with the most recognisable name in porn still able to sell its wares.