Strange Thought 1 – Second Hand Toys For Sale

By | November 29, 2007

AlexSuze.comI may be alone in this but I quite often find my mind drifting off in to fantasy situations most of which are quite humorous. This often leads to me breaking out in laughter and Alex giving me a rather bemused look.

Today was another of those moments we were driving to the local supermarket to replenish the red wine supplies for the weekend amongst other things. As we rounded a left turn I noticed a familiar local site, the scouts had placed an advertising board at the side of the road. It was strapped around a lamppost and read…

Jumble required for Christmas Sale…

I’ve never been one to follow fashion and therefore where my clothes until they are ready to drop off me. If you buy classic lines they never seem to date. Therefore I don’t dispose of many of my old outfits via the numerous collection bags which are pushed through the letter box. I now have so many of the bloody things that I have started to take them in to work to empty the shredder. Lol You can’t use them effectively as bin liners because they are usually perforated.

Where was I! Oh yes, we were on the way to the supermarket when I saw the sign and immediately thought what I could possibly put in the little scouts sack. 😉 Then it came to me, an epiphany …

…why not fill his bag with used sex toys. After all I now have a huge collection and I’m sure there are some needy guys and girls who would benefit from my donation. This is beginning to sound steeped in innuendo isn’t it? That’s not like me at all is it now. 🙂

Can you just imagine the faces of the Brown Owl and Arkala when the scout turns his collection out on to the tressle table and lots of battery operated goods cover it. Lol It would be one of the best jumble sales we have had locally in a long while. It could even be the highest fund raiser yet.

And what a green idea. Do you think I should suggest this to them?

Late update…I think I may have to turn this in to a series of posts because I am always have strange sex related thoughts. Lol

Important: Sex toy hygiene is extremely important. Toys should be cleaned immediately before and after use. Sharing toys can cause transmission of STIs and that’s the last sort of gift you want to give. So in all seriousness, be careful.

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