Kama Sutra Earthly Delights Gift Tin

By | November 28, 2007

Suze’s description of the Earthly Delights Gift Tin is pretty comprehensive and I couldn’t agree more about the relaxing and stimulating effect it had on us both.

Its presentation is faultless and choice of items just right for naughty nights in with your partner. I suppose you’d automatically think of this as a gift for a female partner, rather than a male one, but consider this. When he opens the tin on Christmas morning he may be surprised, but watch his face as the realisation dawns about who is going to be applying the products in the tin to his body … and then what he can get up to applying it to yours.

We also think this product is amazing value for money. All the products are high quality, so a little will go a long way. You can enjoy night after night of sensuality well into the new year, and because each item has been well chosen there’s enough variety so you will not get bored. Although, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get drilled. Sorry couldn’t resist.

So what did it feel like when Suze laid her hands on me?

First of all the feather dusting brush. I never thought I’d be one for feathers, a bit girly perhaps. I was wrong. It’s not as electric as I find the rubber whip can be when it’s dragged gently across my skin, but different, more subtle and very pleasant. I’m smiling here just thinking about it.

The soufflé smelled exquisite. You can imagine eating a bowl full of the stuff, though I wouldn’t advise it. The taste’s a little disappointing after the delicious smell, but that’s no matter as the sensation of licking it from a nipple or having it licked from yours is fantastic.

I think I’m going to run out of superlatives so bear with me.

The Love Oil is very surprising. Anything chocolate flavoured tends to be sickly sweet, both to smell and taste, however the oil smells and tastes spicy and chocolaty. It’s warming to the body and mind, avoiding the overpowering and artificial saccharine-like aroma and taste lower quality products have. Applying it to Suze’s back I found I needed only a small amount to give a soothing, sensual massage without any stickiness.

Suze’s use of the almond massage oil on my back filled the air with the smell of Amoretto and left me drifting in a relaxing yellow sea (not literally, my synaesthesia again, to the rest of the world I was relaxed and goosebumpy).

We found that the best way to appreciate just what these products do to the air around you is to walk out of the room where you’ve been using them for a few minutes and re-enter. It’s like walking into an enveloping blanket of rich, relaxing and sensuous aromas.

If you do decide to give this gift to your partner for Christmas it’s going to make a great change from the usual naughty underwear or adult toy. Then again why not buy all three.