Eaten Out To The Extreme

By | February 27, 2010

I think I found one of the most surprising and unexpected fetishes today. It’s “vorarephilia”, the fetish for eating or being eaten by others. It’s not necessarily about cannibalism, as it appears to centre around the act of eating or being eaten in one piece.

So this is all about fantasy. While you could, if you were so inclined (i.e. a raving nut job) indulge in cannibalism, actually being swallowed alive or swallowing someone alive is a practical impossibility.

There are various pieces of artwork around the place with vore themes but if the philia itself isn’t unusual enough there are even sites with animal vore images and videos like this one (not for those of you of a squeamish disposition) A word of caution here. While the site “” seems clean, some of the sites it links to are flagged as dangerous by our anti-virus software. The risks of browsing very specialists sites I suppose.

The fiction I’ve found around this fetish can be pretty heavy going and is only going to be of anything other than academic interest to a tiny minority of you. However if you’re interested in very unusual fetishes it’s worth investigating. While some stories deal with the devouring of people via the obvious route of the mouth, others like this one describe a woman eating her lover via her vagina.

And yes for all of you who hate compound Latin/Greek names out there this is another one 😛 from voorare and ???í?(philia).