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By | November 30, 2007

AlexSuze.comToday my post is about duck bondage…only joking.

No, I haven’t had a visit to the dentists this morning. Try again…

Got no idea?

I’ve been to the doctors for my cervical smear test. Over here in the UK we have them every 3 years. And we all hate having them don’t we girls?

So in preparation for the event I bathed and made sure everything was smelling of roses just before I left. As I drove to the doctors I had a sudden thought. What if I am still full of cum from last night? After all Alex and I fucked twice before falling asleep. Would I still be full of his ejaculate.

I know if is a strange thing to think about but I couldn’t stop wondering if she would collect a great dollop of cum on the end of her speculum. Lol I cancelled out the thought with the fact that I had soaked in the bath before leaving and that would have cleaned me out.

“But just how far did the water penetrate me?” I was starting to become paranoid about this and laughed to myself at how silly I was being.

The waiting room was full of coughing people full of germs and I did my best to avoid them, sitting in the far corner away from most of them. Honestly, you can go in to the doctors for one complaint and come out with something completely new.

“Would the nurse be able to tell I had a good seeing to last night?”

Then the intercom invited me to go to the nurse’s room and I, for some strange reason, began to get a little nervous about the procedure. I told myself I was being silly and I had been through this several times before. And I write a bloody sex blog for heavens sake. 🙂

I then began to panic that if I was tense and nervous she probably wouldn’t be able to get the speculum inside me. Guys you really don’t know what we girls go through when we have to have a smear test.

At this point I would like to say the nurse was lovely and put me completely at my ease…But no she didn’t, her bedside manner was somewhat lacking and I felt like I was on a production line.

The good part about all of this was that at least she had warmed the speculum sufficiently for it not to make me shiver as she pushed it inside my opening. After a bit of jiggery-pokery she got the sample she was after and then disappeared behind the curtain to let me dress.

She forgot just one thing, the tissue you are normally handed to clean off the KY Jelly they use for lubrication. So, I’m stood there looking around for something to wipe my fanny on. Thoughts went through my head…shall I use the curtain she has jus pulled round?…how about I just pull up my pants and hope for the best. In the end I spotted a box of Kleenex on the desk next to me.

I was almost tempted to wipe and leave it on her bloody desk. Lol

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