Pussy Flash And Cock Colours

By | February 27, 2010

Pussy FlashIf you’ve been reading us for a while you may know that I experience a form of synaesthesia. In my case I see colours associated with sensations. The more intense the sensation the more vivid the colours that I “see”.

If you’re not sure what I am talking about this Wiki article explains what synaesthesia is about. What it can’t explain is the wonderful experience that an orgasm is when you have my variant of the condition. As you can imagine the sensations that most other people feel when they come are added to by being wrapped in a whirling torrent of colours and shapes. It’s probably one of the reasons that I like sex so much, although being a bloke sex is pretty high on the agenda anyway so I’ll leave you to decide how much it has to do with the synaesthesia.

I only discovered that I was different from other people in this respect a few years ago after we started sex blogging. A fellow blogger pointed it out when I described my intense orgasmic experiences. It explained a lot. For years I had been describing sensations to people with their associated colours and getting some very strange looks. Being used to getting very strange looks it never prompted me to ask why they didn’t quite seem to understand what I was describing so when the realisation hit that most people just feel tactile sensations and can’t see them things started to become clearer.

Synaesthesia is something that intrigues Suze as she often asks me what colour my orgasm was when we make love. I haven’t mentioned it much in my writings recently because it is part of me, I’m at home with it and blessed to experience it. One thing the One Show did remind me to do today is to perhaps create some more pictures as I did when I first discovered that I am cognitively different from the majority of people. I have a few knocking around at home somewhere and one of them even hangs on a wall in Guam of all places.

Anyone interested in seeing some?