He Was How Big?

By | December 4, 2007

AlexSuze.comMondays are always slow and bad. You don’t want to be at work and the weekend went by far too fast. Lately I have found them to be a little more tolerable than usual because they are usually laced with naughty talk.

Today for some reason we got on to the subject of faking orgasm. The nice busty blonde next to me admitted to having to fein pleasure with a guy she had wanting to go out with for months. She said he had filled her waking dreams for every morning and then one day she managed to lure him in to her lair.

She said “He put it in me and I couldn’t tell it was there”. We all laughed and then asked her if she faked it. “Yes, I had to”, came her reply. Both of us then admitted that we have feined orgasm in our past.

I recall having to do it with an early boyfriend, he just wasn’t doing it for me and I had a dilemma. How do you make yourself sound genuine and not too contrived as to be unbelievable. Then because the whole thing isn’t getting you off all you can think about is how soon he will shoot his load and then you can do something else. Don’t I sound cruel? I’m not sure if he was nervous or if he just didn’t measure up for me but we didn’t stay together long enough for me to find out.

Both busty and I were thinking about our trysts, when the other girl in the office shouts out, “I once had a boyfriend with a 10.5″ dick”. Both busty and I turned to each other, smiled and then reached for our rulers. Lol

I withdrew mine from my desk to be disappointed that it was a metric rule. 🙁 So busty helped me out and showed me the size on her plastic rule. We both sat staring at it open mouthed. “Wow!”, we both exclaimed in harmony.

“You lucky girl”, I remarked. “It was so big that it hurt sometimes”, she admitted. Busty remarked that she would have liked a go on that. I just need to check if Vac-u-lock do a 10.5″ attachment and I may be able to lure her back to my bedroom…just a thought. Yummmm.

I bet you can’t guess what I did when Alex and I got together that evening. 😉

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