More Sex Morning Coffee?

By | December 4, 2007 Suze foot in fishnetsI’m a little bit more positive than yesterday, just a little. I’m sipping my cup of coffee substitute and contemplating how little of the year is left. Then realising how much we want to achieve before 2007 is sung-out to the strains of Auld Lang Syne.

We could leave some of it until next year and not worry about what we want to do before Christmas, but doing so would mean that timescales expand and deadlines slip. I’ve been involved in enough projects to realise that LOL. So, while I’m not going to set our stall out exactly as to what we aim to get up to in the next few months, that would spoil the surprise, I’m determined to bring something new to life before the end of the year at AlexSuze.

Just a question of choosing something out of the ideas lined up in our heads. And of course if you want to be the first to know, you can join Belong. Be sure to check the box giving us permission to email you if you want to receive bulletins. For members who haven’t done that you might want to log in and check it now so you start receiving our occasional emails about developments here at

There’s more sex and sexually oriented content each day on the web. Most of which is simply a carbon copy of sites that already exist. Sidebars full of links to affiliates paying 0.000000000001 cent/per click and gaudy advertising promising “young” and “horny” girls. That’s the last thing we want to provide, because you’ve seen it all before.

More sex, yes of course, but better sex too, that’s where we’re heading. Whether that’s in our articles, journal entries or fiction. It’s not about using big words and reaching for the thesoor, erm thisauris, big alternative wordy book thingy every time you write, it’s about talking sense and not talking out of your arse. It’s about trying to be original and above all enjoying what you write about.

And we do so enjoy sex.