Chac Mool – Part 2

By | December 6, 2007

AlexSuze.comJane’s heart began to beat more slowly. Her torrential orgasm flowed away, leaving a soft warm glow to cushion her as she slumped on the rough stone. Bills arms were around her. She curled into a foetal position, Bill’s body surrounding her like a surrogate womb they lay on the alter letting their climax subside.

Normality crept back into their thoughts a few minutes later. But what is normality but a dogma for those lacking in imagination?

“Bill, what have we done?” said Jane fearfully.

“Well I don’t know about you but I just had unbelievably good sex.”

“But what happened? That’s not me, I don’t do things like that.” said Jane flatly.

“What, you don’t have sex? Because if so you’re a bloody quick learner” quipped Bill.

“No. I don’t do it at the drop of a hat like that.”

“And I don’t normally, er, express myself like that. Look we are both excited about the scrolls and, well it must have got the better of us. Ouch!”

Jane looked concerned, “What’s up?”.

“You scratched me.” The deep scrapes in his side were no longer bleeding, but smarted terribly. “Let’s get back to the surface with these scrolls before they run off with our equipment.”

The light from the shaft was fading now as the sun rose higher. Bill struck a flare as they turned to leave “Anyway I’m all for a bit of fun, from what I heard on the World Service if Khrushchev doesn’t back down over Cuba we might not be here by Christmas. Let’s have a bit of fun while we can.


Two days later Jane and Bill were installed in a suite at the Fiesta Americana. Jane was wrapped in a white bathrobe, her dark brown hair still wet from the shower. Bill was sitting on the bed wearing only his boxers attempting, in broken Spanish, to persuade and operator to connect him to London.

“There’s a problem with the transatlantic cable. The operator thinks the Russians have cut it.”

“Everyone’s so paranoid. It’ll be a post office engineer in Islington who’s spilt his tea on the switchboard.”

Bill patted the bed next to him and smiled.

“Again?” said Jane, smiling.

She sauntered across to the bed untying her rode. Bill lay back on the bed, the tent pole in his shorts an irresistible draw for Jane’s inquisitive fingers. She knealt at the side of the bed and grasped the concealed member through its cotton prison, feeling its contours and the pulsing of blood coursing through it.

Bill smiled and moaned blissfully as Janes hands stroked and caressed him. She found his scrotum, tight and expectant. She rolled his twin orbs gently within the confines of their sack. She wanted to taste him, his skin, his musk. Precum had already penetrated his boxers, a tiny circular mark promising a delightful dewdrop waiting on his glans.

She slid off his underwear, his cock catching in the waistband and slapping back against his stomach with a heavy slap, droplets of precum spattering around his navel. Jane moved his cock to one side, her tongue lapping up the clear fluid from his contoured stomach. His six pack now wet only with her saliva she moved down to his balls. This time she rolled each one with her tongue before drawing it into her mouth, eliciting first deeper moans, then a gasp as she sucked hard, Drawing each into her mouth and sucking ever so slightly too hard.

This was new to her, like so many things since they had discovered the scrolls. They had not experienced the animal rapture of that morning, but had made love twice since then. She had felt herself becoming more adventurous than ever before and sensed he was too. Though being a man he was hardly likely to admit gaps in his experience. She could tell she was doing things to him no woman had done before, hell she’d never even thought of doing things like this before …

Her tongue made its way up the under side of his cock to the tip. He was dripping with precum. The tip of her tongue scooped it up, her mouth savoured it before swallowing each drop. When his glans were free of it she teased the opening of his urethra with her tongue and milked him with her hand, demanding every last molecule.

Jane slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her molten pussy. Her hand quickly became soaked with her wetness. She raised it to Bill’s mouth. He licked and sucked her fingers, his hips began to buck stirred by the taste and smell of her sex. Jane devoured his cock, deliberately scraping his sensitive glans with her teeth, then soothing with the warm wet touch of her swirling tongue.

His bucking and her enthusiasm caught her off guard, making her gag. She released him from her mouth. Jane stood, then pushed him further onto the bed, making him roll over.

“Arrgh my cock!”, cried Bill as his rampant member rubbed on the sheets.

“I’ll make it better.”

Jane pounced on him, straddling his head with her legs and again devouring his cock. Bill lapped at her hot slit, sliding his tongue through her soft folds. He explored her, not just her clitoris, which made her grind her mons into his face, but ever inch of her. His tongue probed her moist opening, tasting the subtle variations in flavour, feeling the different viscosity of her secretions. He flicked her perineum and grabbed her buttons to allow his tongue to circle the soft skin of her anus.

They both sensed his contractions, Jane became suddenly wetter anticipating the surge of semen welling in his loins. Bills face was drenched as she came, his head clamped between her thighs with the spasm of her orgasm. Muscular contractions pumped wave after wave of cum into her mouth.

No words were spoken, no “Ooooooh myyyyy god!”. All that an eavesdropping bell boy at the door might have heard is their animal moans.


They set the alarm for around dawn, their flight to New York was an early one.

Bill woke before the alarm and showered. Jane woke to find him watching the sunrise. She raised herself onto her elbows to watch the muscular silhouette framed in the morning light streaming through the window.

The sinews in his back moved and swelled, his skin took on a golden glow.

“Bill?”, she enquired.

He turned, his eyes glowing yellow.

Her pupils dilated. She threw back the sheets to reveal her naked form.

He leapt across the room.