Chac Mool – Part 3

By | December 7, 2007

AlexSuze.comTwo days later Bill and Jane landed at LaGuardia. A missed connection and the temporary loss of two boxes of equipment did nothing to quell the flames raging within them both.

As the plane’s tyres squealed on the tarmac they held each other’s hands and waited for the moment they’d be alone together. She’d watched him while he slept, khaki shirt rising and falling as he breathed. He was so content she could have sworn she heard him purr softly when she laid her head on his chest.


Another city, another hotel room. Bill had gone to the lobby to wire London with an update on the progress of her translation of the scrolls, then to a shipping agent to have their equipment sea-freighted across the Atlantic.

Jane bathed and dried her hair. She seemed to have developed an aversion for clothes since the visit to Mexico, despite the chill of October in Manhattan she was naked.

She felt alive, connected, aroused, intensely sexual. Bill’s absence was actually causing her angst. Not just missing him, wanting to feel his hands doing all those wonderful new things to her, but actual anxiety. She needed him in an intense, instinctive way so overpowering that she had begun to feel irritable.

She heard a voice in the corridor, it became louder as its owner approached the door of their room, then quieter as they progressed down the corridor. Probably a maid talking to a colleague as they did their morning rounds.

Jane slid into her cream silk dressing gown. Tied at the front it just afforded modesty, unless she moved, when it opened above and below the waist to reveal her ripe breasts, nipples engorged with blood, and shapely legs. She slid out of the room in search of the owner of the voice.

It had been an unusual voice, not the Brooklyn accents that many of the maids had, or the Hispanic timbre that coloured the voices of many of the other young girls who worked in the hotel. Canadian, that was it, soft and rich, feminine, yet full and alluring.

Jane’s bare feet padded down the deeply carpeted hallway, but the voice and its owner had gone. She froze, closed her eyes, cocked her head to one side. For a moment she was motionless, then, there it was two floors down the voice again. Not wanting to wait for the elevator Jane bounded down the stairs that circled the wrought iron sheathed lift shaft.

Her silk gown rose up exposing legs, ass and pussy to the world at large. Her hair flowed behind as she ran, eyes flashing with excitement at the pursuit.

She was close. She could hear her breathing and smell her scent.

Jane’s gown shrouded her legs as she slowed to a walk. The maid was in front of her now, white blouse, black skirt, black stockings, strawberry-blonde hair pinned up. She was standing next to a trolley of cleaning products, buckets, mops and brushes. Jane was almost upon her, could almost taste her skin.

The maid turned round, “Oh! Oh God!”. She dropped her dustpan with a clatter.

Jane picked up her dustpan, her leg making a brief appearance, and gave it to the maid.

“Oh madam, you gave me a start”

“I’m so sorry and it’s Jane, please.”

“That’s alright madam, I was daydreaming. Is there something I can do for you?”

“Oh yes, yes there is ” said Jane, her voice taking on a syrupy tone, “I dropped my nail polish in the bath in my room. I thought it ought to be cleaned up as soon as possible.”

“Of course madam”

The maid followed Jane into the elevator and stood facing the doors, Jane’s eyes boring into the back of her head.

“What’s your name?”

“Kathy, madam”

Kathy could feel breath on her neck, sense that Jane was there poised for, for what? The elevator stopped.

Kathy yelped.

“It’s alright.” Assured Jane, her hand coming to rest on Kathy’s arm. Kathy turned and looked into Jane’s eyes. She felt odd, vulnerable as if Jane were able to look into her mind and think with her.

Jane spoke softly, “Remember when you were fifteen and you spent the night at Tracey’s? You had to share a bed because it was so cold that you both thought you’d freeze because you let the fire go out.”

“We knew we should light them again but we were too scared of the dark and noises from outside the cabin to get more wood. Her parents were due back the next morning so we … but how can you know about …?”

“So you lay against each other, cuddling up for warmth. She stroked your hair, you enjoyed it, felt loved. But you also felt something else. And when she kissed you goodnight, you held that kiss just a moment too long didn’t you? You didn’t want it to end, the feel of her soft lips on yours” Jane smiled. The lift started with a jerk and delivered them to the next floor.


Kathy was unsettled by the experience in the lift, but she almost thought she’d imagined it. Shock she told herself, probably because of the time she got caught in the lift last month, on her own, in the dark. It took them two hours for the engineers to get it working again, she’d felt like she was fifteen again, but this time there had been no Tracey to protect her from the monsters in the dark…

She went into the bathroom, leaving Jane sitting on the bed facing the bathroom door.

“But madam, I can’t see any …”, said Kathy as she walked back into the room. She stopped. Jane was sitting on the bed with her gown open. Her breasts where covered, just, but her legs were parted displaying a triangle of pubic hair.

Jane looked into Kathy’s slate-blue eyes, “You’ve never stopped wondering about that night, have you? What would have happened if you’d pushed just a little harder, touched Tracey in the way that you yearned to be touched.”

“I was scared she’d think I was weird.”

“Oh it’s far from weird, you see I feel the same way about you. I’ve never made love to a woman, but I want to now.” Jane smiled. “Take off your clothes.” It was an invitation, not a command and more compelling because of that. Kathy felt a warmth in her pussy that no man had ever solicited. Yes she’d slept with men, but they never quite made her feel the way she had that night with Tracey.

Kathy let her apron fall to the floor. She unfastened her black skirt and eased it over her hips. She was wearing stockings, the black nylon contrasting with the smooth creamy skin of her thighs. She unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it from her shoulders. Her breasts were held in a lacy white bra. This too was unclasped and abandoned. Kathy stepped out of her shoes, leaving them in the pile of clothing as she moved to the bed.

Jane’s hand was already exploring her own pussy, she was thoroughly engaged by this beautiful young thing undressing in front of her. She’d never felt this way about a woman, any woman. She never would have believed that she would long to taste another woman’s sex.

Kathy stood in front of Jane. Jane stood, lifting her hand, glistening with her own sweat fluids to Kathy’s lips. Kathy hesitated, almost imperceptibly, but the psychological barrier was a small one. She broke through the conventions that had stopped her exploring this aspect of her sexuality as an adolescent and feasted on the carnal delicacy on Jane’s fingers.

Kathy’s hand slid between Jane’s legs. Kathy’s fingers probed her entrance before two of them entered. Jane’s eye widened when her lover’s fingers found the spot almost immediately. She felt her knees becoming weak as Kathy massaged and played with her anterior vaginal wall. She was getting wetter, the scent of her juices filling both their nostrils. Jane’s hands held Kathy’s head, they kissed like frenzied animals until Jane came. And with the orgasm a torrent of fluid gushing down her legs. The silk of her gown sticking to her thighs.

They both lay on the bed, legs hanging over the edge of the mattress, staring at the ceiling for a few moments until the mêlée of colours in Jane’s mind subsided. She stood and positioned herself between Kathy’s legs. Her hands ran up and down the nylon clad limbs. Kathy groaned, she had dreamed about a woman doing this. Soft but firm, not the bullish hands of a man, the touch of a being who knew how a woman should be touched.

Jane slid Kathy’s French knickers over her tight ass, exposing a pussy covered in neatly trimmed light brown hair. She dropped to her knees and began to probe Kathy’s clitoris. All Kathy’s fantasies coalesced into this one moment. She was already wet with the excitement and lust, the tongue now circling her bud took her to a new place. Nothing mattered, there was no past with its hesitation, there was no future, no space for regrets, just the rapturous now.

Jane slid her lithe tongue around every contour of Kathy’s lips. The firm outer labia parted like a door to a secret garden, whose flower had never been tended by such a caring and expert gardener. The rich taste of woman intensified as her tongue slid down the delightfully soft and fleshy folds of Kathy’s inner labia and to her opening. Jane’s tongue circled for a moment, enjoying the taste and the effect she was having on Kathy. Deep moans exuded from Kathy, her hips rose and fell like a soft ocean swell.

Jane’s tongue plunged inward and around Kathy’s moist cavern. Kathy let out a joyous gasp.

Jane continued for a moment exploring Kathy, tasting the most precious parts of her. Then she started to lap at Kathy’s slit. She was close now, Jane’s hands held onto Kathy’s thighs so her mouth and tongue could stay in contact with Kathy’s pussy. Long hard strokes across her slit pushed Kathy further, closer to release.

And then she was there. Kathy’s hands reached down and grabbed handfuls of Jane’s hair, pulling her face into Katy’s pussy. Jane buried her face between Kathy’s legs, feeling herself trapped by Kathy’s thighs as they clamped around her ears.