That Girl Has Turned In To A Dirty Bitch

By | December 5, 2007

AlexSuze.comI work for a very reputable straight laced company and have been there, as I mentioned the other week, almost a year now. You hear me talk quite often about my naughty chats and the other 2 girls I work closely with in the department.

What hadn’t crossed my mind until today was just how they have both changed and loosened up since I first started. We have some very naughty conversations and they are quite personal and revealing, some of the details I share with you here.

But there is one major development which had passed me by until today. Busty who sits next to me has been seeing a guy for the last few months and slowly, almost organically she has been changing. The change has been quite subtle until today.

When I arrived for work this morning I did the usual thing settling quietly at my desk until I woke up. I hadn’t been paying much attention to my colleagues. Then as she started to talk to me about her evening I turned to look at busty and realised just how hot she looked.

Today she was wearing a knee length fish tailed skirt suit which was very fitted and tight, with a cerise low cut top. I then tried to stop myself being too obvious but my eyes were drawn down, down. She was wearing black fishnets and…

(just let me get my breath here πŸ˜‰ ) black stiletto under the knee boots. She was talking to me and I wasn’t really listening to a word she was saying. Too busy leching. “What do you think Suze?”, she asked. I had to think on my feet “Uhm, I don’t know”, came my faltering reply.

Fortunately she explained herself enough for me to pick up on the conversation and with a quiet internal sigh I continued to engage her in conversation. All the time I am talking to her she is fiddling with her skirt length, pulling it down and crossing and uncrossing her legs.

This was so wrong! After all I’m not supposed to be distracted to such an extent by my colleagues. I was transfixed and every time she got up out of her chair to do something my gaze was firmly fixed upon those long, fishnet clad legs and the pointy toed boots. Oooh, if only she knew how much she was teasing me.

I suppose that is the positive side of being bi, nobody suspects a thing and you can get away with all sorts of things. What will she be wearing tomorrow and more importantly, am I going to last the week? πŸ˜‰