Chest Presses And The Brunette Babe

By | March 10, 2010

I’m still managing to stick to my gym regime and hoping to up the visits to daily within a week or two if it doesn’t kill me. I’ve found a good time to visit is around 9.30am when everyone who works has left and there are just a few oldies and students around.

Not so good for leching. Or at least that is what I thought until the other day. I did my rowing and then moved over to the weight machines and was in the middle of my chest presses when a rather tasty brunette walked past me.

She is lean with an ample pert bosom and probably a little smaller than me with long streaked hair. I’m yet to find out if her ample assets are real, I’m always dubious when they are on thin people. I’ll let you know. 😉

I haven’t managed to engage her attention and only seem to catch her as she walks by or stands talking to people. In fact come to think about it, she could be one of the personal trainers there.

Only the other day I was asked if I wanted to take up their personal trainer offer and I declined. If the fit brunette is offering her services I may have a change of heart. Lol