Lucid Dreaming

By | December 7, 2007

AlexSuze.comFrederik van Eeden was the first to use the phrase Lucid dreaming. If you’ve ever experienced it you’ll know how interesting and entertaining it can be.

If you don’t know what I’m describing an explanation is in order. Lucid dreaming simply means that you, the dreamer, are aware that what you are experiencing is a dream. How you become aware of this varies. For me it happens in one of two ways, either I wake up and immediately drop off again, or more often I realise I’m dreaming. This concurs with what I’ve read on the subject on . If you want to know more and read some of Eeden’s writing on the subject drop in there.

Lucid dreaming means you can control your dreams but it does take practice. When I first became able to LD I found I often woke just as things were getting interesting. It’s a balance between nudging the dream towards a goal and pushing so hard your level of consciousness rises to a waking state.

The reason I mention LD is that it’s great for erotic dreaming. I’ve also used it for general entertainment, not in the sense of “I’ll have a quick nap and a quick LD”. LD is not elective, it’s an opportunistic activity. What I mean is that I might be having an exciting or almost nightmarish dream when I attain an LD state, then use this as the start of a adventure or exploration into my fantasies.

The erotic LDs are much more instinctive, at least to start with. They are much more difficult to hold in check, more often that not full consciousness takes me at the moment of climax. This is not to say that erotic LDs can’t be continued if I have the presence of mind to drift back into an unconscious state immediately, but this is unusual (due to the arousing nature of the dream) and the “plot” usually picks up after the “money shot”.

Lucid dreaming, my LD at least, may derive from the classic adolescent blessing/curse of wet dreams. Waking up with sticky sheets after a period of grinding away at the mattress/bedding is where I first found consciousness meeting my REM sleep head on.

Wet dreams are, I think, often lucid because of the excitement involved. The involuntary increase in heart rate and respiration seem to be conducive to light sleep with vivid dreaming. Any number of teenage crushes, from girls at school to pop stars and TV personalities have caused me to shoot my load between the sheets. As with all dreams the object of my desire would have been playing on my mind for hours, days or weeks beforehand. Denied a release in the real world, dreams allowed the sexual tension to be safely released like a capacitor crackling with electrical charge discharged to earth.

Adolescent wet dreams are often tied up with tactile sensations. Normally, during REM sleep, you body is insulated from such stimuli. You’re muscles are paralysed and your perception dulled. Where REM sleep occurs close to waking I can feel my surrounding, usually sheets of course, and they affect my dream.

One memorable, non-erotic example involved me dreaming I was skiing down a slope in deep powder snow, turning tighter and tighter, legs becoming more fatigued and harder to move at each turn. When I woke, in a pool of sweat the sheets were wrapped around my legs, I was bound like a living mummy. The best bit – I’ve never skied in my life.

The most peculiar thing about adolescent, wet, lucid dreaming is that while your virginity is intact penetration, the feelings associated with it are imagined. As you progress and your experience mounts (lol) you accumulate the knowledge about the feel of a kiss or the what it’s like to feel a breast through a cotton blouse. Only when you first have intercourse do you become aware of the sweet and powerful sensation of slipping inside a warm moist pussy.

So your mind fills in. Up to the point where I lost my virginity my only expectation was of the feeling of trying to punch a hole in a mattress with a baseball bat 🙂 .

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