Fringe Benefits

By | October 30, 2006

Have you ever worked for a boss who you fancied?  I never worked for a female who I would have liked to play with but just once I worked for a guy who I would have fucked without question had he asked.

He wasn’t particularly attractive but he had an air about him in his sharp cut suits.  Peter was slightly taller than me, perhaps around 6′, with short cropped mousy hair and a clean shaven face.  His eyes were a steel grey which seemed to take on a blue hue from time to time and his voice had a rich chocolately tone to it.

I was under his tutelage and from time to time he would come over and show me things on my screen.  Rather unconventionally he would stand behind my operators chair and work over me.  My heart would race as he came close to my face and I could smell him.  His cologne wasn’t overbearing like some men I have known.  He smelt clean and fresh and I liked him breathing in my ear.

It took me all my time to control my breathing when he leant over me.  In my attempt to stifle the rapid rise and fall of my chest as I pulled the air in, I found myself holding my breath.  And I must confess to undoing one more button on my blouse than I would normally.  Offering Peter a stolen glimpse of my cleavage.

For once in my working life I now went to work with a slight skip in my step.  Now it wasn’t so much of a chore to go in, but more of an experience to look forward to.  I even found myself plotting how I could summon Peter’s attention over to my desk.  Under false pretences of course.  But that didn’t matter I liked having him next to me, to feel his heat, to smell his aroma.  To breath him in.

He was a very patient guy and would spend a considerable amount of time explaining things to me.  Again a quality that I find attractive in a man, patience and understanding.  I didn’t think so at the time but my actions must have become more obvious by the day.  After all I started attending work in below the knee suits and after just a week I was wearing my mini skirted version.

Maybe a little too eager but I have never been one to hang around if I see something that I want.  How does the saying go?  “A faint heart never won…”  I’m not sure but you get my drift.  He was either being polite or he really did take a shine to me too.  I won’t lie I did sneak a look at his crotch once when he was to one side of me and pre occupied with my screen display.  I could see the firm outline of his cock against the clean cut and freshly pressed wool worsted fabric of his grey suit.

He was shifting about rather uncomfortably from foot to foot as if totally aware of his unfurling hardon.  I tried not to smile and returned my gaze back to the screen as he pointed out something to me.  I looked up at him and directly in to his eyes which seemed to make him slightly uncomfortable as he directed his stare back at the screen.

My thoughts both day and night became filled with him.  I began to masturbate thinking of him when I was in bed at night and my world now had a purpose and a meaning that it had lacked for months.  I could now smile and consider this man a challenge and one worth undertaking.  Did he think of me the same way?

It had only been a week and this man had completely enraptured me.  I could no longer behave in a natural way around him, my moves orchestrated, tempering my desire to have him.  The times I thought about bending over my desk, raising the sides of my skirt and asking him to fuck me.

But my dreams were to be shattered one rainy dinner time when one of the accounts girls asked if I wanted to go to the pub for lunch with her.  Alice, I think she was called.  She came to my office at lunch and we went to the put in her car.  We ordered a salad and a half of lager and took a seat in the bay window of the pub.

We started to chat about work and I started to feel comfortable in her company.  You know how you seem to just click with some people, well I did with her.  She seemed to feel the same about me too.  By the time lunch was almost over we were chatting like we had known each other for years and as it turned out she didn’t live that far from me either.

I decided to take the bull by the horns and confess that I had a thing for Pete.  Alice stopped sipping her lager and with a surprised face placed her glass down on the soggy beer mat on top of the small round table we were sat at.  She took in a deep breath and It dawned on me that she was about to say something that I may not like.

“Do you know Lesley who sits to the left of me in accounts?”, she asked.  “The girl with the short cropped brown hair?” I replied.  I was now beginning to become a little anxious, fearing what she was about to tell me.  “Yes, that’s Lesley…well…listen I am just going to come right out and say it…her and Peter are engaged.

My face must have been a picture of disbelief as her words resonated in my head.  It was one of those moments when you hear what is being said but don’t quite absorb the meaning.  I felt my heart sink so heavily that the thud could have been almost audible to those who witnessed my devastation.

“Look, I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but it is better that you find out from me than…”.  “Yes, yes…you’re right.  You just saved me from making a real fool of myself”, I replied.  I remember to this day the total disappointment at hearing those words at the time.

When I got back to the office my body language must have reflected the lesson I learned that lunch time.  I probably became the ice maiden as far as Peter was aware but it had to be that way.  It really hurt to think that I had allowed myself to fall so deeply for a guy I didn’t know that well and with his fiancé only a few steps down the corridor.

It’s just as well that this didn’t come to anything because within a few months I met…well, I bet you know who I met.