Looking For Porn?

By | March 12, 2010

It seems that hardly a day passes when either Jordan or Peter Andre are in the news for one thing or another and sometimes they both make an appearance on the same day.  But I suppose despite their protestations at the interference of the tabloid press in their daily lives they also can’t live without the coverage.

So I suppose you could say that the press and stars cannot thrive without each other in a kind of symbiotic relationship.  But you can’t choose which parts of your life should be covered by the press, it’s all or nothing.

No doubt Jordan has had her fair share of coverage lately, most of it not the kind of coverage you would like but they do say that “no press is bad press”.

I noticed today that she is pictured in a rather rundown sex shop in LA with her hubby Alex Reid.  It wasn’t reported if they actually made a purchase but I would love to know if they did.  😉

The report actually tickled me as the paper tried to take the moral high ground you can read the article here.