Pantihose Fun For Women And Men

By | March 13, 2010

e-mancipate tightsHere in the UK we call them tights. I don’t know exactly where the name came from, perhaps from the restriction felt when wearing them. For me they are a number one turn off. Too many bad associations, like gusset creeping and wrinkling.

I recall many years ago at school wearing tights. The gussets would always make their way down your legs until it was level with your knees, causing you to walk in a strange way. If you were lucky they wouldn’t ladder for a couple of days, otherwise by the end of the first day you would have put your nails through them whilst pulling them up.

This would result in huge runs which started at the crotch and ran down to the ankle if not staved by a timely blob of nail polish. For years my inner thighs would display blobs of pearlescent pink nail polish, where I had painted a run in my tights. Lol

Even more frightening is the prospect of your significant other wearing a pair of tights. I know that it is common knowledge that builders wear them under their jeans to help keep warm. Which is understandable I suppose.

But I’m not quite sure about wearing them as a fashion statement. I know some can resemble tribal tattoos but still they are tights. And worn by men on this particular site.

What do you think guys. Would you feel comfortable wearing these? Is it just me or does it seem totally alien for guys to be wearing these?