Embarrassing Moments Two

By | December 9, 2007

BadSmellMy earlier post got me thinking and I have had quite a few moments when my face went a funny shade of red. Lol

I recall a few years ago when I visited customers as part of my job. I was onsite at a well respected customer of ours and speaking to the Managing Director. He was a very pleasant guy and listened intently to me unlike some of the customers we had who didn’t really believe that girls should do my job.

But anyway. I’m talking shop to him and could feel my guts turning and churning and I tried to keep it in abeyance. We continued to talk and all the while I could feel the pressure building up inside me.

I was at the point of answering his question and he was listening as usual with keen interest. When it happened…

The loudest fart you have ever hear emerged from between my clenched butt cheeks. Try as I may I just couldn’t hold it in and squeezing my ass cheeks together had served to amplify the escaping wind.

I could feel my face breaking in to a wonderful shade of crimson. Despite the outbreak I tried to keep my composure in the vain hope that he wouldn’t have noticed. There was no way he hadn’t. 🙂

But he was the perfect gentleman and continued the conversation as if nothing had happened. Even if he didn’t hear the wind escaping from me my colour would have betrayed me. That is one of the most embarrassing moments I have had, I just wanted the ground to swallow me up.

To this day I could not tell you what I eat that caused the problem, although I do recall having a fondness for mushy peas back then. 😉