Good Morning Sex

By | March 16, 2010

This MorningAll this week ITV1 channel here in the UK is going to be running a series of sexually orientated pieces on the usually prim and proper This Morning program hosted by Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield.

The series of programs are part of the “Sex Up Your Life Week” and cover a range of subjects including sexual positions for partners of unequal height or when you just feel lethargic.  Advice was given my the relationships expert Tracey Cox who has a rather dubious range of sex toys on the market but I’ll refrain from further comment.  Lol

I heard that this series of programs was running yesterday and fully intended to make the effort to watch today and what did I do…I forgot, mainly because I’m not a huge fan of ITV.

I’ll try to catch some of tomorrow’s show around my visit to the gym and my little bit of sexing it up with that cute brunette personal trainer I told you about.  😉