Spanking, The Way I See It

By | December 10, 2007

AlexSuze.comAfter my Unexpected Spanking post the other day I started thinking about my attitudes towards spanking in a sexual context to date, and how it was shaped by the views of others and the media.

Despite considering myself an enlightened soul I was pretty naïve about spanking until a couple of years ago. About the time we started this blog. No coincidence of course because until that date my exposure to the idea of spanking within a sexual relationship had been formed by people who probably had no direct experience of it. Alternatively they had to “sanitise” the way in which they described the practice before they were able to express any thoughts on the subject to the rest of the world. I mean surely the fabric of society would crumble if it were to become widely known that consenting adults enjoyed spanking? LOL

Looking back though I can see that even through this self imposed censorship there were people out there trying to tell the world about their enjoyment of the practice, as spanker or spankee. Little clues that I now see as the grains of truth in their careful constructed and often contrived portrayals of spanking.

Throughout my life my friends and family have, on rare occasions joked about spanking. That’s all it was, a joke. I can’t say that I can identify anyone in my family or circle of friends that would seriously be able to understand the urge to spank or be spanked. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the ones who joke about it don’t do it and the ones who stay quiet might be the ones with most to tell.

There’s a very British type of humour and a very British type of smut that formed the behaviour of my friends and therefore both directly and indirectly how I perceived spanking. The combined influence of Benny Hill and Robin Askwith created a vision in my head of young girls in French maids outfits being spanked across the knee of a middle aged man. The man pulling grotesque faces, alternately lecherous and grinning, the girl pouting a lot and occasionally placing a finger on pursed lips and looking toward the camera.

The effect, I assume intended by the writers and performers, was to disassociate the act of spanking from the sexual urges that drive most OTK sessions in the bedroom. Looking back now there appears to be an innate sadness about some of the fleeting vignettes that linger in my mind. Like an adolescent homosexual desperately struggling with their sexuality and how to express it some of the scenes seem to want to cry out the truth about the writer’s real feelings about spanking. Not all mind you. Many of the scenes, like those alluding to BDSM, are just reworkings of ideas that lost their true meanings somewhere along the way, written by writers looking for a shorthand for kinkiness.

Spanking has therefore been seen and portrayed as a “naughty” pastime (queue schoolyard sniggering) and therefore devoid of any real sensuality or ability to excite.

I’m going to have to explore this topic more because it’s something that has, until now, not been something that I’ve thought about in any depth. Stay tuned.

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