Sex For Sale

By | March 17, 2010

Sarah LucasI’m not a lover of modern art because I think the term open to interpretation is a pretence for “this is something I threw together, don’t ask me what it is”.  That said some pieces I do like, especially if they look like something familiar.

One such artist I suppose could be classified as being contemporary is Govinda and I love his work.

I’ve been to galleries and studied the modern pieces displayed within and couldn’t have been impressed with any of them because I can’t name one artist, not one.  I think that says it all.

But my interest was stirred when I read that Phillip Du Pury & Company are holding a sale of naughty pieces of artwork called SEX or as they put it “SEX: the next sale in the theme series to offer a curated collection of Contemporary Art, Photography and Editions highlighting the influence and interplay sexuality has on art today.”

The image above is part of the collection to be sold at their headquarters on March 19th and it is called Got A Salmon On In The Street, which apparently translates to I’ve got a hardon in the street and is valued at £20,000 to £30,000.

It could be an interesting sale and if you would like to attend and have more money than sense here is the link to the press release.