Embarrassing Moments – Number 3

By | December 11, 2007

AlexSuze.comWhen I was in my early twenties I worked in a male dominated sector, the only females were on the reception desk. So all day I was surrounded by guys with their hormones and egos racing. Lovely… 😉

I’ve never really felt uncomfortable working in this kind of environment as most males will nurture and protect the girlie in the office. And so I get the best of both worlds, I’m respected for doing the job I do and also cosseted by my doting male counterparts. Hey, listen I’ll exploit a situation if it benefits me. Who wouldn’t?

We would all go out on office nights out and it was a great feeling to be surrounded by all those guys but not good if you wanted to pick someone up. Lol It wasn’t a problem for me because I had a boyfriend then.

I could really play up some days and flirt like a tart and do you know I could get them to do almost anything for me. 😉 Then on other days I would hold my own and argue my corner if required. It was a glorious balance and to this day I still prefer to work in a predominantly male office.

Back then I wasn’t as ample in the bra cup as I am now. In fact I was almost flat chested. I know, can you believe that? In fact I needed a little enhancement.

On this particular day I recall having a conversation stood near to my desk with one of the guys about something work related. We were chatting away and things were getting quite intense.

For some reason my eye was drawn to the right, over near to my chair by something white. I waited until the guy had moved his gaze from mine and quickly looked down to check out what had caught my attention.

And bugger me…there on the floor near to my office chair was the cup insert from my Gossard Wonderbra for all to see. Not wanting to draw any attention to it from my colleague, I looked straight back up at him hoping he didn’t follow my gaze.

I was in luck, he continued to talk to me oblivious to my undies dilemma. To this day I don’t know how I managed to play it so cool. I didn’t blush or give away the game. Then slowly I moved over to the right so that my foot could just reach the white foam crescent. Then quickly, I kicked it under my desk before he notice what I was doing.

From that moment on I decided it wasn’t a good idea to wear the inserts and I put them in my drawer never to see the light of day again. I just couldn’t stand the idea of a similar incident occurring in the office. 🙂

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