She’s Smokin

By | October 31, 2006

Pink CarToday’s post comes once again from the mall.  Ok, so I don’t get out much these days.  Lol  We made a quick trip over this Sunday to pick up a few things.  Mainly some new razor blades so that I could shave Alex’s naughty bits.  He felt like a rampant hedgehog when he was fucking me on Saturday evening.

His spines stuck in to my ass with every thrust and I’m sure encouraged the couple of pimples I now have on my ass cheeks.  🙁  It’s not very pleasant to undergo dermabrasion every time I went down on him either.  My face felt like I had rubbed it vigorously with wire wool.  So I bet you can’t guess what I was up to on Saturday.  🙂

The morning at the mall passed in an uneventful fashion and being as we were in a hurry we bought sandwiches from Marks & Spencer and left the shop to find a bench to eat them on.  We managed to find an empty one, we were lucky as it was lunchtime and they tend to fill quickly.

We got settled and started to unwrap our sandwiches when I noticed a middle aged couple heading our way.  I don’t know why I do this, but I try not to look the approaching person in the vain hope that they will not take a seat and move on.  I’m not sure if avoiding eye contact actually has any effect on the outcome.  Certainly this time it didn’t.

The benches are roughly large enough to seat 4 people of medium build.  I moved up closer to Alex to avoid us having to sit on top of one another.  The woman looked as if she was pushing 60 and was wearing stiletto boots, tight black trousers and a leopard skin effect lycra top.  The look was finished off with peroxide yellow locks and…brace yourselves for this one…bright pink frosting on the lips.  I am a firm believer that there are very few women who wear this colour well and most of them tend to work in the adult industry.  Lol

Her husband, I presume he was her husband looked quite normal in his conservative attire.  Casual beige trousers, white shirt and khaki jacket.  I must admit to being thrown slightly by his wife and didn’t notice until they were both seated that they had a child in a pushchair with them.

Can I say at this point that you can have too much pink.  Once again for the ones who weren’t listening at the back YOU CAN HAVE TOO MUCH PINK.  OMG, lets start with the pushchair, yes that was candy pink with a darker pink striped fabric.  The child was dressed in a pink coat with white fur trim.  She was wearing bunches in her hair, tied back with pink bows.  Her tights and shoes were pink too.  And just to finish off the look she was clutching a pink bunny.  Now need I say more?  You get the picture.

I felt a little devilish and it occurred to me just how funny it would be to ask what the little boy’s name was.  Tempting though it was I refrained and started to bite in to my sandwich.  I was just about to take a second bite when in my peripheral vision I caught site of the woman placing a cigarette between her lips and then lighting it.

I’ll just point out that the mall is a no smoking zone and has been for the last couple of years.  I removed the sandwich from my mouth and kindly said, “excuse me this is a no smoking shopping centre”.  “Oh, I didn’t know.  The last time we came you could smoke”, came her reply.  Now bear in mind that the mall was full, not sure how many people were there that day but not one was smoking.

Did it not occur to the woman that they weren’t smoking because it was prohibited, obviously not.  In addition I consider lighting up a cigarette next to someone who is eating (especially in these enlightened times) is extremely rude.  Let me validate that.  I smoked for years and gave up a couple of years ago but during that time I was a considerate smoker.  I never smoked in the company of others who didn’t partake in the weed.  I’ve spent hours stood outside to avoid smoking in the company of non smokers in the past.

Before lighting up in company I always asked if they minded and towards the end of my smoking days I even smoked outside when I was at home.  Stupid I know but I hated the smell inside the house.

I think she was upset at my pointing out her misdemeanour as she stubbed out the cigarette and they both stood up and left without a word.  As they walked off in to the distance I couldn’t help thinking that I hoped they were the girls grandparents and not parents.  Meow!