The Lesbians, The Sex Toys And The Anal Orgasms

By | March 19, 2010

Tonight was fun. I got to test a new sex toy while we both watched some lesbian porn on DVD.

Suze occupied herself wither favourite clit vibe while I got to grips with the latest of three masturbators sent to me by one of our toy testing partners. There’s something very naughty about a couple masturbating to a DVD then banging each other’s brains out because that’s exactly what we did when the toys simply weren’t enough.

LesbiansSuze lay on her back while I impaled her and I was rather turned on to see her sneaking a look over my shoulder at the TV to watch the strap-on sex scene. She was enjoying me but was she imagining being fucked by the girl with the strap-on? I kind of liked the idea she was.

Anyway at the end of that scene and after Suze had cum twice I switched doff the DVD and rolled her over onto her side where she rubbed her anus with her middle finger while I fucked her until we both came. My orgasm was yellow and so intense I thought he top of my head was going to explode.

If you want to know how good the DVD was you can read Suze’s review of it over at Himdulgence.