Faster Porn

By | March 19, 2010

Alpha SpiderWe’ve never been big users of wireless in the AlexSuze household. Our old router was slow and it would appear a bit flakey. So imagine our surprise when I got a new router today and installed it – streaming video to netbooks, PDAs running faster than ever … more and faster porn wherever we are.


Well more productivity too, wherever we are in the house. One thing I did discover is that I needed a better Twitter client. I don’t use it that much but having a handheld device made me want to tell everyone what I was doing. Odd that!

The only problem is the perennial one that the wireless interferes with out satellite wireless transceiver so I have to deactivate it if we want to watch satellite in the bedroom.  So I’ll be looking for a wired solution to get over that problem next.