Ride On A Naughty Nurse Anyone? ;)

By | March 19, 2010

Naughty NurseI read this story a couple of days ago and meant to post about it.  A West Midlands bus company, Diamond Bus Company to be precise are currently running an advertising campaign on their buses which has offended some of the nursing fraternity.

The bus which takes passengers from Worcester city centre to the Worcester Royal  Hospital is emblazoned with an advertisement featuring a blonde wearing a kinky PVC nurses outfit and the words “Ooooh matron!”

Complaints have been made about the advertisement being demeaning to the nursing profession.  The bus company’s Stephen Bryce who is head of operations said “’On several of our colour-coded routes we used humorous characters as adverts on the back of the bus to promote that particular service”.

I personally find it amusing in a retrospective way and don’t uphold the archaic 1970’s views of the nursing profession which are portrayed in the advertisement.  In fact who does?