Embarrassing Moments – Number 5

By | December 13, 2007

AlexSuze.comSo, Suze has been telling you about a few of her embarrassing moments, I suppose it’s my turn.

When I was at school, about 13 years old I was into modern dance. We had a reasonably decent dance studio because the head of drama at my secondary school was passionate about dance, and a big fan of Martha Graham. However we didn’t have separate changing rooms so we’d get changed in the room. If the girls in particular had to strip to anything less than their underwear they’d scoot off to the toilets.

So one day I was getting changed into my tracksuit and had stripped down to my underwear and a T-shirt. My school bag next to a chair against a wall, so I pulled out my tracky-bottoms to put them on, while facing the wall as we all were, then turned round to sit on the chair to put them on.

I was now facing the rest of class and was puzzled by the open-mouthed stares and giggles. When I realised that I’d shall we say, popped out of my underwear, embarrassment kicked in. I don’t mean just a little peak of my bits and pieces, no, the whole lot was poking out as my underwear had become twisted. I quickly adjusted myself and went a red that would have made a beetroot look dull.

Sorry, no strippers in this story, but it is an event that is etched onto my brain for all the wrong reasons so I thought it qualified as an embarrassing moment.