Vintage Sex

By | December 14, 2007

AlexSuze.comThinking about sex is something that I’m not doing enough of at the moment and I think I know why.

I was reading somewhere recently that the average inhabitant of an industrialised country can have trouble dealing with silence. The reason for this is the nature and pace of modern life. We are constantly barraged by auditory stimuli, resulting in a kind of withdrawal from them when they are absent.

If TV programmes use silence for dramatic effect (I think the last episode of the Sopranos was cited as a recent case) people think their TV has gone on the blink. This is just one example of a very weird, if not worrying problem. And it’s not limited to a need for a constant bed of sound underpinning our existence. We’re gluttons for stimuli of all sorts.

I’m becoming conscious of it at the moment because I am focussing on Friday 21 December far too much. I have six more working days to complete and about 12 days of work that should be finished before the Christmas break. I am thoroughly exhausted and will be dead on my feet by then.

But hang on I have a weekend, two whole days off tomorrow and Sunday. Sounds great doesn’t it, but with commitments and a simple inability to switch off fully from the modern world it will not be much of a respite at all.

Even on the evening of 21 December, when I collapse into a heap and realise that work is out of the picture for ten days It’ll take a couple of hours before I fully relax.

I know it wasn’t always like that for human beings. Why do I know? Obvious things really. I’m old enough to remember when not everyone had a phone, not a mobile phone but a time when some of us didn’t have a landline. I remember when a lot of people still had black and white TVs. I was born into a world without personal computers, video recorders, DVD players, PDAs or pocket calculators.

Without email or a phone you have to send a letter and this is typical of the governing effect a less technologically advanced society has on the way people go about their lives. Without the moderating impact of paper communications, non-universal telephone systems and other gadgets we now take for granted our lives can run as fast as we can. The effect being that we expect ourselves and our peers to run ever faster. Why? Because if we don’t someone will run faster than us and overtake us, take our job, take the reward that we’re striving for.

What this means for all of us and certainly for me personally is that there are times in our lives when we can’t enjoy life like we might want to. Sex for example doesn’t pop into my mind as much when I’m busy.

All of the above is pretty bloody awful when you have a sex blog of course. I mean day-to day, real-life naughtiness isn’t a problem, though weary as I am the tiredness can be a factor. But the blogging does suffer, original naughty thoughts and erotic fiction don’t come so easy.

However with all problems, once recognised, solutions are relatively straight forward.

I’ve got it!

I’ll quit my job.

I wish it was that simple LOL that was a little flippant.

I’ll have to go back to basics in the way I’m thinking about sex and eroticism and rediscover the essence of what I find arousing. I need to get back to that sex of old, vintage sex without the baggage of my modern life, rediscover the essential fraction of my consciousness that defines the way I think about sex.

Stay tuned.