Brunette Gym Babe

By | March 22, 2010

Gym AssSuze has mentioned the trainer at the gym who she spotted when she started working out again. I finally got round to going to gym on Thursday and I have to say I do agree with her, very nice, very toned, very pert. So she’ll not be interested in me, who to be perfectly honest has let himself go recently.

OK, I know I’m not over-weight but my fitness levels are appalling and as for muscle tone and bulk … well it’s going to take a lot of work.

Just how much work you put in at the gym depends on your own personal aspirations and whether or not your job requires the fitness/physique. The desk job I have does not require any athletic prowess but I could certainly do with some more general fitness and feeling a little more muscular would certainly make me feel better in myself.

So, I’m going to get myself back in to the habit of going to gym and the thought of some eye candy while I’m there has to be a bit of an incentive. I might have to put a lot of work in before a threesome’s on the cards though LOL