Pulling A Stripper

By | December 15, 2007

(Embarrassing Moments – Number 6)

Once again this one takes place at a strip club. I used to go quite a lot a few years ago but these girly events just don’t seem as popular these days. Shame!

This girly night out was in another nightclub somewhere and we chose a table in the middle of the room, hoping that were far enough away from the stage not to get picked. But close enough to be able to see all the action.

Even though I attended quite a few of these nights out I was green about things really. Which will become evident as I tell you my story. 🙂

My friends used to like going out with me because I wasn’t shy (especially when I had consumed a few beverages) and I have always been up for a laugh. A bit of a joker. Strange they would always offer me up as a volunteer if they got the chance…they like me really. Lol

The stripper who grabbed my attention was “The Biker”, dressed from head to toe in black leather and a fabulous pair of bike boots embellished with stainless steel. Oh, and that wonderful smell of leather…anyway enough of the drooling.

He did his act and ripped off his trousers at the end to reveal cock-in-a-sock. It was bloody huge and hung down in front of him just like a knitted trunk. Can anyone tell me why they always had a knitted cock sock on with a drawstring top to keep it in place?

This guy had a black and white striped one on and it had lots of hoops. 😉 I’m not kidding this thing came almost down to his knees and I just couldn’t stop looking at it. And he must have noticed because before I had chance to jump up and go to the loo. He was on his way over to our table. Bugger!

I turned to my friends and said “Shit, he’s coming over!”, they all giggled because guess who he was targeting. Yes, it was me. He moved around the back of my chair and the spotlight was on me and my face. I laughed to cover up the slight embarrassment as he rubbed up against my back.

Before long I was feeling less inhibited and he was now crouching over my knee with his legs either side of mine, only inches from sitting on my knee. His cock was still contained in the sock but glancing my knee as he gyrated above me.

He was built like a rugby player, solid and well toned. This brunette Adonis was rubbing his bronzed and oiled body all over my chest as I pushed my head back to avoid my makeup being removed by his chest oil. Lol

My heart was pounding out of my chest as he turned up the wick and started to thrust at me. His cock was bouncing around like a thing possessed and my pants were getting wetter by the minute.

He stood up and offered me his cock, thrusting towards me and looking directly at me expectantly. I took this to mean that he wanted me to pull off his knitted sheath, perhaps there was a smaller one underneath a little bit like pass the parcel.

Well, I took a firm hold of the bottom of the sock and pulled hard. The guy released a loud “Ouch!” and I quickly let go realising this probably wasn’t what he had wanted. In my eagerness to participate I had grabbed cock not sock and pulled it really hard.

I can tell you he left our table very quickly afterwards and wasn’t quite walking straight. Lol

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