Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me

By | March 26, 2010
My favourite position of the moment is doggy style. It allows deep, penetrative sex which touches all the right bases. My g-spot trips when Alex adopts this position and I think I may well be on the way to checking out this legendary u-spot stimulation.

Last night his thrusting went well beyond g-spot but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what he was stimulating, it felt good but I couldn’t locate the specific area. I was in a highly sexed mood when he took me from behind because within moments, not minutes, I was coming like crazy.

I was wet, he knew it and it spurred him on to his conquest. He was pile driving in to me like some kind of sex possessed porn star. And I wasn’t objecting to his forceful attentions, I love it when he take over, posses me. 😉 I loose control and need to be guided whilst I am in the state of “fuck” and can only obey orders.

The measure of complete abandonment can be measured by actual grounding and physical awareness. I was in Nirvana and didn’t give a shit about much else. 😉 My animal instincts had kicked in and it was now so unbelievably carnal.

Pleasure was the only thing on my mind. Which explains why I said what I did. Normally I am quite restrained when it comes to bedroom instruction. Not because I am shy but I have seen so many porn films that I am wary of the limited dialogue and do not try to replicate it.

But tonight I sinned and it was a natural slip. I repeated the words “Fuck me there” but in the style of an Hungarian Honey. Slightly muted and unfamiliar with the dialect, it just crept out. I think I also followed it up with “Just there”. But all the while I could here the voice of Rita Faltyano.

I may be turning pornstar without knowing it. 😉