Dirty Oral

By | March 28, 2010

Dirty OralA Couple of weeks ago I attended the dentist for my regular check up with clean and polish.  These visits don’t usually bother me because they are routine rather than for treatment.  Or at least the were.

I had such a good poking in there that my gums actually bled a little and were a little sore.  I put this down to having a thorough scale and polish and thought they would settle down in  few hours.

But they didn’t in fact they got worse and my gum actually started to swell and become acutely sore.  I still left it believing that this would all calm down without intervention.  How wrong was I?  Ten days later I had to return to the dentists chair for advice and was informed that an abscess had formed.

The dentist popped the abscess with a  needle and squoze all the muck out of it.  I’m making you all feel a little sick now aren’t I?  Lol  And the pressure subsided and the pain eased.  I’m now monitoring the situation after a further visit today and him admitting that he’s not sure what is going on but we need to get rid of the infection.

I told him that I don’t like taking antibiotics unless I have to, in fact I try not to take tablets at all.  He advised that I keep squeezing my gum just like a spot to empty the contents regularly and see if it goes in a few days.

As I was leaving he said “you may have to rubber up”.  I pondered his statement with puzzlement for a while and then remarked that I didn’t understand what he was talking about.  He then added that I would need to use condoms if I’m taking oral contraception and he has to prescribe antibiotics.

I laughed and without thinking remarked “Oh, I though you were talking about fetish wear”.  He laughed and diffused the embarrassment which could have ensued.  He got a little look in to my mind for a moment.  I think he may remember my visit.  Lol