Cheap And Sordid Sex

By | December 19, 2007

AlexSzue.comI just had a flashback to the days of buying paper porn mags. Remember them?

It isn’t the actual purchasing of the magazines that I remembered, it was the standard of the stories in them. Be they “reader’s letters”, faux investigative journalism about people’s sex lives, or actually billed as erotic fiction, most were pretty awful.

The erotic, no let’s say it pornographic, fiction was often the best as the letters pages were crammed with readers/magazine employees trying to tick all the boxes to satisfy the reader’s need for wank material. So I’m not going to knock the fiction, billed as fiction, that filled a need and you left your disbelief at the door so to speak. But the letters are another thing.

The one that leapt to mind was a story from some “travelling salesman” (cliché alert LOL) who was invited back to a hotel room by this female choir after a concert. The short and the long of it being that they all bounced on his cock (12 of them I think), playing a sort of Russian Roulette, until he shot his load. Then they all did it again.

Like that’s ever going to happen. Like I said, billed as fiction I don’t have a problem with the story, but pretending to be fact spoils the experience.

Stuff like that keeps popping into my head, winding down to Christmas is doing nothing for my concentration.