Food & Sex The Perfect Mix

By | March 29, 2010

Sophie DahlSince I first watched Nigella Lawson on television cooking and exciting not just our tastebuds but our sexual desires I’ve been a big fan.  She is my ideal woman, beautiful, intelligent, charismatic and oh lets not forget she can cook too.  Lol

Watching her tease us all with her demure glances at the camera and provocative licking of fingers had delighted many.  I forgot to mention she has a very nice voice too, smooth and deep with a richness equalled by the finest quality chocolate.

In my opinion there is no other cook with the exception of James Martin who can live up to her in terms of desireablility.

You may ask why I’m rambling on about her.  Well the other night I tuned in for the first of Sophie Dahl’s cookery programmes.  Sophie has been likened to Nigella in the press on the lead up to the launch of her series called The Delicious Miss Dahl which goes out on BBC2 on Tuesday at 8.30-9.00pm.

So I thought I would watch the first series to see if she lived up to her “delicious” title and I must say I was disappointed.  Yes, she is pretty and bubbly but she neither held my attention or attraction.  There is something missing, that is there in abundance with Nigella.

So, Nigella don’t worry you haven’t been upstaged by Miss Dahl, she’s in a totally different league.