Greener Porn

By | December 20, 2007

AlexSuze.comI was watching a news article last night which highlighted the practice (by Young’s part of the Findus food group) of shipping Scottish-caught langoustines to Thailand for processing (being taken out of their shells), before being shipped back to the UK. Apparently, because the shipping uses so little fuel it’s greener to move the scampi 17,000 miles and have low-paid Thai workers shell them by hand than it is to run mechanical plant in Scotland to do the same job.

The research that supports this theory is backed by The Carbon Trust so we have to assume it’s correct. Though I doubt whether Young’s would have made the decision to move the processing if it didn’t mean it was cheaper and therefore more profitable for them too.

It strikes me though that the Internet is a force for good in our struggle to save the planet. Yes we all burn energy with our PCs on all day, but it does mean that we no longer have to ship as many porn magazines across the world. You just subscribe to a site and log in whenever you want, from wherever you want.

Or if you read blogs you don’t even have to subscribe.

Though I’m sure Playboy et al will have a study somewhere proving me wrong.