The Missing Kink

By | March 31, 2010

Suck HoodOK so not the most imaginative of titles but there you go. Sometimes the obvious ones are the best.

We went to gym this morning before we went shopping on Sunday but the hot personal trainer wasn’t in so I had to simply get on with the business of getting sweaty. Hence the title, the missing kink.

Let’s face it though having a pervy thought about a slightly glowing woman in the gym is pretty obvious stuff, nice, nut obvious. What’s more interesting at least from an academic point of view is some of the more unusual fantasies that people have. You come across them quite regularly on the Internet and they never cease to amaze.

Very often the things that get people going are the sort of scenarios, or activities that don’t do it for you but you can at least understand how someone might find them arousing. Sploshing for example, or messy food fetish, where devotees are aroused by playing with (usually rather sloppy/squidy) food. It may be a bit of a stretch from a bit of cream on the nipple to a full-on food fight but you can at least extrapolate to where sploshers are coming from.

Then there are the fetishes that leave you thinking “WTF?” One such fetish for me at least is crushing or squashing where one partner deliberately uses their weight to squash the other. I suppose you could say it derives from an extreme need for physical contact but I still just don’t get it.

What’s the most unfathomable kink you guys have come across on the web?