Orgasms In A Box

By | December 20, 2007

AlexSuze.comSex toys they are like buses, you wait and wait and then you get two at once. I can’t believe I just used that line in a post. Lol We received a huge box of adult goodies yesterday, in fact it was given to me as I parked the car by our eager neighbour. I do hope she isn’t getting suspicious about all the packages we are receiving lately.

Then this morning, I had just stepped out of the shower and there was a knock at the door as our second consignment of fun arrived. I quickly put on my bathrobe and made for the front door. I think the postman liked what he saw when I opened the door. I caught his gaze as his eyes fell upon my moist cleavage which he snatched a glimpse of as I leaned forward to take the package. 😉

So there are lots of orgasms on the agenda over the Christmas break. I can’t wait and of course I will be telling you all about them in great detail. I placed the box in the living room and went upstairs to dry off and get ready for work, keeping the opening until Alex and I were together. All day I kept trying to remember what we had requested, I think I may have grinned quite a lot too.

And the fun didn’t end there. It was gift giving day at work and I was given a bottle of something by busty. That in itself was a treat but even better than that, she insisted on giving me a hug and a kiss.

It was a very nice experience although a little awkward, as you know I have quite an ample boobage but she has even more (drool…sigh!) so when we embraced our heads were quite a distance apart as our cleavage collided. It was a nice sensation being pulled in to her nice warm, soft bosom, quite a turn on.

I took my time kissing her back on each cheek, enjoying the snuggling, I could spend many an hour indulging myself on her heaving bosom. If only she knew how I spent many a day at work daydreaming about the both of us and I wouldn’t even be greedy we could let Alex join us from time to time…

…she is my favourite waste of time. If only she knew but would she feel the same? Will she ever get to share my toy collection, I would love for her to come over and play.