Cock Lust

By | April 1, 2010

Sam WorthingtonI seem to have an eye for gay guys lately.  My attention was focused on Mr John Barrowman mot so long ago when he was playing the character Captain Jack in Dr Who.  I should have heeded the warning signs, in the series he was bisexual and kissed several male characters – he’s an actor, right?.  Still the penny didn’t drop.

It wasn’t until some time in to the series that I read about the wonderful relationship he has with his male partner (lucky bugger).  😉

And this morning I read the mornings tabloid and see that another guy I have the hots for is gay.  Yes, Ricky Martin has now come out as being gay, you can read the full story here.

My latest letch is Sam Worthington since watching him in Avatar, hell he even looks good blue.  Please don’t tell me that he’s gay too.  Lol