Voyeur Cam

By | April 2, 2010

Since the launch of Google Maps “Street View” the news has been full of stories about enraged individuals being snapped in precarious situations. People have complained that their privacy is being invaded and requesting that they are removed from images.

I guess they didn’t quite think the concept through enough before they launched it. In essence I think it is a great idea and they have tried to obfascate as many faces, car number plates and other indentifiable images with pixcelation.

The latest campaign by the Sun newspaper is to identify the guy coming out of the adult store. Not content with the lack of information Miss Marple set herself in to action again. I recognised the stores name from the image despite their efforts to disguise it.

It is the Harmony adult store, of which I discovered there are three in the London area. So Suze used Google Street View to have a walk around to find out which one it is. About 30 minutes later I found it.

The featured store is in Charing Cross Road, London.

See I told you that Street View would be useful. 🙂