Orgasm Away!

By | December 22, 2007

AlexSuze.comI posted yesterday about today being World Orgasm Day at 6:08am and hope you all managed to take part. I was thinking of you all this morning. 😉

Despite being off work yesterday with the start of a really heavy cold I woke up this morning at quarter to six and was relieved that I hadn’t slept through, although these days I do tend to wake earlier. Alex was still sleeping on his side facing me.

Dilema! Do I wake him, leave him to sleep or get to work on his cock right away to ensure he is nice and hard when the time comes. I decided to go with the silent stimulation technique and made my way down under the covers.

I teased his cock from between his legs and began to massage it, he stirred slightly and moved a little freeing up his balls. I took them in my left hand and gave them a gentle squeeze. This seemed to solicit the required response and he started to harden in my hands.

He was now firm enough for me to slide back his foreskin revealing the tip of his glans. At this point Alex rolled on to his back, half asleep he groaned as I started to wank his cock. He looked a little dry so I took him in my mouth and began to suck and lick his frenlum. At this point he awoke and began to moved his hips to meet my lips.

I flicked my tongue faster and faster around his sensitive, engorged tip. He began to buck his hips fucking my mouth, I opened a little wider to avoid my teeth skinning his cock. I caught sighte of the clock in the corner of my eye, one minute past six.

No time to waste I demanded that he fuck me and rolled on to my back. Alex parted my legs with his hands and moved round, taking position on his knees between my splayed limbs. I ran my fingers over my clit, good I was good and wet and I felt so fucking horny.

He took the back of my knees in his hands and pulled me on to his erect cock. It felt warm and comforting as it slid slowly inside my wet pussy. I gave it a squeeze with my muscles and he responded making his cock jump inside me.

He sighed loudly as he reached my cervix. I smiled and right on queue Alex began to pound in to me like a mad man. Each thrust was met with a tilt of my pelvis, giving perfect alignment to my g-spot and it wasn’t long before I was coming and shouting out to Alex.

This fuelled his fire and he was banging so hard against my buttocks I envisaged a bruise after we finished. I love him to take me this way, nothing gentle about it, just a good hard fucking.

I came again, this time my whole body quaked as my juices began to flow. My pussy was now so wet you could audibly hear Alex sloshing in and out of me. Another stroke and he was there, he let rip the most primal of calls and tensed as his orgasm ripped through him.

Back arched, head tilted skyward he thrust his last and filled me with his hot seed. I love to watch him as he cums, he never used to vocalise his emotions when coming but after numerous requests he now allows himself to be unrestrained.

Watching a man come is comparative to watching him eat a good meal, you want to see the expression on his face, hear his vocalisation of the pleasure he is partaking in. And when all is finished I like to lick his plate clean. 😉