Short Skirts And Masturbation

By | April 3, 2010

Amy PondI have two questions when it comes to the new assistant in the new series of Doctor Who that starts tonight:

1)      Will she always be wearing short skirts, and which police force issues its officers with skirts that finish just 3cm below minge base?

2)      When did she last eat anything?

Pretty as Amy Pond is I’m scared that will all that running around in gravel pits she’s going to turn a foot and end up snapping in half. I’m assuming she got the job as part of her work experience before she goes to university next year – a sort of gap year in time and space.

You mean she’s not that young? Well she looks it, in fact I can’t remember anyone looking that young in the Tardis since – Oh hang on the new Doctor.

However I’m sure that there’s some reason the girl is in the series, wearing short skirts … Hmmm.

As you can tell I’m not looking forward to the new series … pity because the production values look good and the franchise has been revitalised by the last two Doctors. Could this be the start of the end for Doctor Who? I feel we need another regeneration – pronto.