Illegal Large Boobs

By | April 4, 2010

ImplantsIt’s one thing wanting to change your physical appearance at your own cost but most certainly not at another’s.  The other day I read a story about a rather selfish body dysmorphic mother who had taken her daughter out of Roedean, one of the finest private schools in Britain to use the money for further plastic surgery.  I found the who idea abhorrent and so was the woman who had undergone 52 separate surgical procedures and looked just like the Bride of Wildnestein.

I’ve just finished reading the story of 30 year old Yvonne Jena Pampellonne, of Westminster in Orange County, California.  She set up credit in someone else’s name to fund her £8,000 cosmetic procedure.

The thief was eventually ID’d resulting in her appearance in court and subsequent 180 days in jail with three years probation.  You have to ask, was the boob job really worth it?