She Can Come Over To Play With Me Anytime

By | December 23, 2007
Alex and I have just returned from shopping. OMG, it’s mayhem in the supermarket. Are we about to have a food shortage or something? There are people manically snatching produce from shelves like it is the last possible day to shop for a month.I nearly got knocked over by a woman grabbing a cauliflower and there were loads of the bloody things. What makes people panic buy like this and it’s not event the last opportunity people will get. The shops are open tomorrow as normal. Phew I’m so glad to be back! πŸ™‚

Before we started to do our shopping Alex suggested that we have breakfast in the store to save messing around later and if we do get stranded at the till at least we would be nourished. So we both selected a full English breakfast and sat at our little table in the window overlooking the picturesque carpark Lol.

We started to eat and then the brass band started to play Christmas carols. I hadn’t noticed them over in the corner when we sat down, too eager to eat. Lol There were about a dozen players, ranging in age from about 70 to 21 and they were very good.

At the far end of the band was the cutest girl, she was about 30 with mousey shoulder length hair and dressed in a seasonal uniform. She was wearing a red skirty suit, the skirt was a few inches above the knee and revealed her black fishnets just above the top of her boots. And she was blowing a trumpet. Oooh errr!

No seriously, I have always had a thing for men in uniforms but girls I had never even thought about. She looked very hot in her little red outfit, kinky black stiletto boots and fishnets. For some reason I was very distracted over breakfast, so much so that Alex actually asked me what I was looking at. After all he did have his back to her. πŸ˜‰

It was a nice distraction from the morning’s madness and I just wished I could play an instrument because I’m sure we could have made such sweet music together. I’m such a dirty bitch…