Suze Needs A Hand

By | December 24, 2007, SuzeAlthough I find it easy to write here about my sexual encounters, experiences, thoughts and desires quite openly. I find it difficult to put in to words who the real Suze is, call it the Brit in me but I’m not one to brag or even describe myself.

Therefore my blog profile is absent from the site. I would like one which reflects the real me, the one you guys enjoy reading about every day. I could try to describe myself but I think it would be wide of the mark, being that I tend to temper and understate rather than over embellish.

That’s where you guys come in. I would like for someone who has been reading for a while and feels that they know me enough now to be able to write me a profile for this site to do so. After all who better to tell the world about Suze and what makes her tick than her avid readers.

If you would like to submit a profile for me just send it to me at suze@alexsuze.comΒ and I will select the closest match and give credit to it’s author here on the site. I would like to start the New Year with a new profile, one you my lovely, naughty readers have given to me.

Don’t worry if you are a stealth reader, your name doesn’t have to be mentioned, so don’t be put off submitting a profile for me. I can keep a secret. πŸ˜‰