The Politician With The Built In Sex Scandal

By | April 6, 2010

Mara CarfangaMara Carfanga looks like a sex scandal waiting to happen, but if what we all read about Italian politicians is true then you could say that about the whole of the Italian parliament. Looking from the outside Italian politics is a strange world where the rules of your average 21st century democracy seem only vague adhered to.

Where else in the world would someone like Mara Carfanga, who was placed 1st in Maxim’s list of “World’s Hottest Politicians”, be appointed as minister of equality? I have no doubt she does the job very well, but it seems that elsewhere in the world to serve in public office, not looking like you are about to croak was until recently a bad thing. But wait – we now have David Cameron, Nick Cleg and Caroline Flint who I mentioned earlier. Things are a changing in British politics, maybe we’ll have Jordan for Prime Minister soon … heaven help us if that happens.