I Want Stuffing Too!

By | December 25, 2007

AlexSUze.comWell I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas day, as I write this we have just returned home from a wonderful day of over indulgence at my parents house. I think I ate enough food to sink a ship and my mother was still insisting as we left that there was some Christmas cake to eat.

We set out this morning to visit the family around 10am after showering, applying makeup (me only. Lol) and changing in to our finery. It was such a rush after getting up later that we didn’t have time to truly welcome in Christmas day with a shag.

So we left the house today without. 🙁 As the day progressed I found myself suffering from withdrawal symptoms and copious quantities of food were just not making up for the steamy sex I desired. I even played footsie under the table with Alex whilst eating with the family.

Formalities over we both couldn’t wait to return home and fuck each others brains out. Now this is why I am sitting here typing this post…

…we got back, threw off our clothes and jumped between the sheets for warmth. And guess what. Because of the over indulgence around the dining table we were now too full to screw. I couldn’t believe it, we had waited all day making eyes at each other and now we couldn’t do the dirty.

I’m hoping by the time I have found a suitable image and posted this up that my food will have digested enough for me to fuck his brains out.


Happy Christmas everyone, I’m off to get my stuffing now. Wish me luck! 😉