Gratuitous and Nasty

By | December 26, 2007

AlexSuze.comLet’s be honest at Christmas you expect the Christmas TV schedules to be padded out with some crap. It’s understandable that after spending money on the big name Christmas special extravaganzas and blockbuster films the channels will find some old rubbish to fill the off-peak viewing hours.

Usually this consists of “classic” comedy shows, cheap films or hastily constructed compilations from successful series. Last night however we stumbled across a criminally low quality show entitled “Uncut! When Santas Go Wrong”.

Consider the title. First its festive because it mentions “Santa”, then there’s “Go Wrong” – do they fall over in a hilarious fashion or are they beer-swilling, child-hating Santa’s. Finally “Uncut!” (note the exclamation mark) so there could be swearing too.

Not quite.

What the programme did consist of was the lowest quality collection of supposedly amusing clips I have ever seen. The “Uncut!” appeared to refer to the sequences of two models in Santa outfits, bra and panties flashing at the camera between the third rate clips.

We managed to watch about three minutes of it before turning the TV off.

Just FYI we only came across the show because we’d been watching the previous programme and unwinding after a long Christmas day.

I really am beginning to despair at the low quality of TV that is being produced. Maybe the Internet is the only place we’ll get decent quality content soon.